Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 3 and the CC takes shape...

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The new corridor has been built. This will provide the emergency escape route from upstairs. But more importantly, during the building work this wall (on the right) will separate the building site from The Link, so The Link will be able to be used with people going up the stairs for toilets and kitchen... (sounds confusing, I know, but its is brilliant that Fred and his team have done this job first)
I love this picture as it shows the moving door... the 'hole' is the door at the end of the new Fire Escape (as seen above), the white door is where the exit has been for last 9 years  this will be blocked up very soon) and if you look carefully you can see the patch of bricks to the left of the white door, where the door was when it was a pub...
This is taken through the 'window' into the CC meeting room. The opening on the right will be made into a window, and the wall being built (coming towards us) is the new wall of the toilet.
(I love the occasional pointers to its previous life - in this picture, a notice for Bus Tokens!)

The doorway behind the barrow has been blocked up (this was the corridor leading to the fire door), the new opening has been made for the door into the CC Meeting room, at the end of the corridor!)

Simply a wider picture of the CC Creche... 

I said I would stand in the same place each week and take a photo, but I haven't! This is mainly because at present all the work has been done inside.
However next week the necessary changes to the fire escape routes in the church will be completed and the temporary link will start to come down. Then those of you in Cosham will be able to see some of the changes yourselves.

The work continues...

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  1. Glad to see the doorspace filled with bricks we had cleaned is still there. We spent hours in the sun denailing wood and demortoring bricks for recycling ! The final design looks great - a far cry from the day we took over Uncle Tom's and thought 'Wow - what have we done!' Looking forward to using the new entrance when it is all done and we are back South. Watch out for the blisters. Best wishes and blessings from Gwyneth and Terry Lock in the highlands