Friday, August 27, 2010

Wednesday 25 August

A lot of the work recently has been on the flat roof. Once this is finished and the place is secure, the kitchen walls will be knocked down. Many thanks to all those who helped to clear the kitchen so effectively and efficiently on Monday.

For many of us we have wondered how big the new entrance will really be! Well these foundations give us some sort of idea!

One final shot... from outside my office - has it changed much? Well, you decide!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday 4th Aug

Sort of my normal view, but a bit closer! The scaffolding is going up so that the steels can go in that will support the flat roof over this back part of the foyer. Steels arrive tomorrow! It will keep changing. But please don't go on to the site now - more and more work will be done at height!

I love this picture as this is the area that we spent so long trying to keep dry! It also shows the door we kept trying to keep shut! The stairs we tried to keep clean.... this also will be changing soon... in fact it already has when we spin round!

From the other end we can see the doors and windows for the Church office and the CC office...

This is the CC office (for CBC users it used to be the room we walked through to get to The Link - you know it also had the Bethany cupboard and the tables!)

Posted by PicasaAnd this is Jill's new office space. Formerly the resources room and hall store. Looks good!

And finally, a picture of how the hall looks now! Many of you will remember going through those doors for groups, resources or equipment. Some will even remember when it was a stage, but now it is just a wall! In a few weeks we won't even remember where the doors were!

2 weeks ago - Part 3

Some photos that for the first time really give a sense of the size of the new foyer! The 'end' wall will come the other side of the doors into the Church... a long way away!

The view from the kitchen, again a big space, and remember the kitchen will also be moving to create a big space behind too!

A view from the 'end' wall, again giving a sense of space and mingling room!
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2 weeks ago - Part 2

The CC Room 2

The corridor - with CC rooms on right, shared kitchen off to left

The CC office, slowly coming to shape!
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2 weeks ago - part 1

We start off with a picture from the place I said I would stand each week... but as many of you know that has not been possible due to trips to Romania, Yapton and France...
But this is what it looks like now... changing fast...

The back of the CC rooms are taking shape...

The side of the CC rooms, almost finished

Inside CC Room 1... window out onto car park and the boards will be the patio doors out onto the garden

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