Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 1 is over and a great transformation already takes shape!

This post will mainly be pictures... for those of you who never went 'backstage' in The Link, you may not notice many differences. But for those who worked or visited there you will notice a significant lack of walls!

The main workshop... where is the tool store or the paint store?

From other angle, starting to look much bigger!

One of the stores 'opened up', ready for new corridor and fire door.

And this is the kitchen, still looking much like it did the day we bought the pub!!!

Well done Fred, Terry and the boys. Next week it is the new corridor so we have an exit from The Link and the new temporary fire doors in the Church corridor...

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The walls are falling fast... picture will appear later, but for those that know the beer stores... you won't know them now!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The work begins... slowly

After weeks and months of planning and preparation the day arrived... and so did a skip, a toilet, some fencing and a sign... But it is a start.

Hut arrives today, and the demolition begins Wednesday!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 days to go - and a great job of tidying up done...

First of all today, a picture taken from a place I will hopefully be able to stand at least once a week during the building work... This is looking towards the new foyer, with the children's centre behind the bush on the right. The Youth Pod will be straight ahead. As it all starts in 2 days time, today was the final day to do a big clearout of the last 30 years stuff!

It included 13 barrels from the hall loft! Only ever used for Raft Races... but they gave us an advantage that meant we won every year!
Today was all about filling up the skips!
So we needed to improvise with things like the barrels!

It was hard work...

And for one young lady she discovered today that she was an Auntie!
Congratulations Becca and Mike and welcome to the world Chloe Grace. A first grandchild for David and Anita. Although Paul was equally delighted, he kept working!

Whilst working we found proof that last week was indeed our 139th Anniversary...

And to finish off with, a series of photos with the names of what they are!

First of all the main Children's Centre Room!

Now the kitchen

The second Children's Centre Room

And the other half of the 2nd CC Room, along with a reminder of a board that was up 8 years ago!

Some pictures of the new foyer!

Many thanks to all who helped today including Ian, Chris S, Vanessa, Martin P, Kevin, Wendy, Paul, Katie, Alun, Diane, John G, Derek, Jim and Simon and others who were there! And of course Roger is still there sorting out all his tools.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lying Down on Job

4 days to go... and too much to do!
If you can help clear out the rooms ready for Monday then please help!
As much help as possible needed on Saturday morning... thanks!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 days to go!

After buying Uncle Tom's Cabin 9 years ago, spending over 2 years developing the bar, spending another 2 years developing the conference rooms.... we had come to a standstill....

But now, in partnership with the City Council we are delighted that Jorgenson's are about to start work on the final phase. This will involve the final connecting of the two buildings...

The result will be:
  • A new entrance
  • New big foyer and coffee stop
  • New reception desk
  • New offices for CBC and Children's Centre
  • New space for kitchen
  • New entrance to front hall and 'chapel'
  • New Youth Pod (accessible by a bridge!)
  • New Children's Centre Rooms
  • New Children's Centre Kitchen
  • And lots more...
We aim for this blog to be updated during the work... presently we are busy clearing all the workshops cos its only 5 days until it all starts...