Saturday, November 20, 2010

Most exciting post yet!

Looking down from the Bridge Link from the balcony to the Youth Pod this is the view you could enjoy looking at the front entrance... it gets better...!

Looking the other way from the bridge. The entrance to the disabled toilet and The Link are on the left, the Children's Centre office on the right.
Standing in the same place on the bridge. This is the view of the windows that will provide so much light for this new entrance foyer.
Coming in to the new Foyer, your eyes will immediately go up and take in the size of the new build.

For many years this has been the poky passageway between the pub and church, but from now on it will be the uplifting entrance to a central place in the Community!
Looking from the reception desk area this is the view looking back towards the front entrance.

In this picture you can clearly see the bridge extending from the balcony on the right, across to the youth pod entrance on the left.
With the bridge on the left this view gives us a glimpse of the doors into the Link and The Link conference rooms
In a previous post, I hinted at the size of this balcony. It will be an excellent place for many a meeting!
Our final picture is of the balcony, bridge and front entrance... hopefully this is all whetting your appetite and hopefully we will be 'in' within the next 3-4 weeks...

More from 12th November

Here we go... more views from in and around the place...

First up is one taken as a mistake, but in a strange way I quite like it!
Its a view into the Children's centre - at the far end is what will be the toilet!

I've asked Fred if there are stairs that come down as it seems these stairs only go up!
The Youth pod takes shape too

In this photo, you can see the size of the new balcony. It is taken from the top of the stairs and all the floor you can see will be the balcony outside room 1 of The Link Conference Rooms.
This will be ideal in itself as a meeting place or a space for a breakout group. (Its also where the vending machine will be!)
The orange doorway on the right is the door directly into Room 1. Just out of shot (immediately to right of where I'm standing) is the main door into the conference rooms

From the balcony this view is upwards towards the roof of the Link above the bridge and the main entrance.
With these windows and another even bigger one out of shot to the left, it is certainly bright up there!
 With all the building work going on, we have taken the opportunity to update other bits of the premises too. In the hall 2 fans like this one have been installed in the ceiling. These will be excellent in the winter and summer to push heat down or take heat away...

We have also had new efficient and quiet wall heaters fitted... the hall will be usable and warm (or cool)
Lots is going on outside too. The large extraction / ventilation unit has been lifted onto the flat roof.

Also possible here to see some of the windows going into the foyer.

Its slowly coming together...

The New Kitchen takes shape

The new kitchen is slowly taking shape...
This picture was taken 8 days ago... more changes since, but it gives a sense of the size of the new hatch...
Taken much closer to the new hatch... the builder in shot gives the viewer a sense of perspective and just how big this servery will be...

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