Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 days to go!

After buying Uncle Tom's Cabin 9 years ago, spending over 2 years developing the bar, spending another 2 years developing the conference rooms.... we had come to a standstill....

But now, in partnership with the City Council we are delighted that Jorgenson's are about to start work on the final phase. This will involve the final connecting of the two buildings...

The result will be:
  • A new entrance
  • New big foyer and coffee stop
  • New reception desk
  • New offices for CBC and Children's Centre
  • New space for kitchen
  • New entrance to front hall and 'chapel'
  • New Youth Pod (accessible by a bridge!)
  • New Children's Centre Rooms
  • New Children's Centre Kitchen
  • And lots more...
We aim for this blog to be updated during the work... presently we are busy clearing all the workshops cos its only 5 days until it all starts...

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