Saturday, June 26, 2010

25 June update...

Work has continued... i have a sense that those three words will be a recurring theme for this blog... Fred is back off holiday next week and will be looking to finish off the work in the back rooms and begin to concentrate on the new foyer very shortly.

First picture for you this week is taken from what will be the new exit from the main hall (The Chapel). It gives an idea of the width of the new foyer. The red door is where the entrance to the CC will be and the large door space is for patio doors onto the garden and terraced area... The white structure to the left is the temporary building that is next to come down!
Other 'outside' pictures show the new steps and extended ramp from the new emergency exit.

Our next pictures show the main CC room. Now with the steels in place you can get an idea of its size...

Taken from the other side... can't see a lot... except a better view of the steels!

The CC second room, again, not that it;s clear you get a concept of space...

And the CC smallest room... you can't quite see the hole in the floor in the corner!

And finally, the picture I promised every week... well I've cheated a bit and rotated to the right, so that you can see the new window openings.... Why did I choose the place for this photo... right behind a big bush????

Blessings everyone

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