Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve - it is ours! (Although builders have not yet finished!)

After 7 months and 2 days, we finally were able to welcome people in through the new entrance... and in the space of 24 hours over 500 people took the chance to walk through the automatic* doors. 220 for the Crib Service, 100 for the midnight celebration and 240 for Christmas Day.

So, here for the first time are pictures without any scaffold, cables, holes or builders!

First, one looking up at the ceiling lights and the new balcony... and the sun came out too!

The cedar ceiling is now almost complete... bit more to do above the doors and outside, but it certainly looks impressive... there is even a path outside!

The balcony and bridge now has its silver handrail... everyone who has come in said 'wow'

Now that its finished, the wait has been worthwhile... come and see for yourself. 10:30am on a Sunday!

The lights over the toilets are still to be completed, but we are back inside... toilets are accessible to all again!

This space will shortly start to be furnished with reception desk, tables and chairs and some great designs on the walls...

The doors on the extreme left go into the main church... many people coming in, spent a few seconds trying to find bearings...

This plaque has been outside and hidden away for the past 40 or so years. With this new build, it is now back inside and lays testament to the faithful witness of God's people here in Cosham for the past 139 years. We will be celebrating our 140th anniversary in May

 The view as you come in through the front door... (flooring still to be finished)

*automatic as long as someone was standing there to open them!

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